K9 Korner FAQS

If you cannot find the answer to your frequently asked question, please contact us to get the answer you need!

General FAQS

Daycare is all levels of care for your dog for a full day. This includes feeding meals, socializing, offering enrichment activities, etc.
Daycare has many benefits. It’s a way for dogs to socialize with other dogs their age. Our playgroups are: under 6 months, 7 months thru 1 year, and then dogs over 1 year of age. We offer socialization as well as individualized care for dogs that don’t do well with all other dogs. This is also a way to help your dog thru any separation anxiety, as this gives them a full day away from their home/family with new people and other dogs.
We have free play from the time your dog gets dropped off until noon. At noon, all dogs come inside and take a short rest/break (about 1 1/2 hours) from playtime. At this time, our staff disinfects the entire outside play area. We then go back outside for afternoon playtime and play until close to the time the family will pick up. During an average day, the dogs are playing together, getting individualized time for play and enrichment activity with our staff as well as taking a break to eat (not all dogs eat while here for daycare, that is based on what fits into the family schedule).
We do not walk the dogs while they are here.
We are predominantly an outside play area facility. We do have smaller spaces inside to play as well as an inside loft.
We administer all medication EXCEPT for insulin. There is no additional charge for this service.
We welcome tours at any time EXCEPT for when our dogs are inside and eating and during their quiet time/rest time. It’s not safe for our dogs to have people come thru the building when they are eating or have just eaten, as this can be stressful for them and the safety of the dogs is a top priority.
We welcome all dogs but do have certain criteria that must be met. A trial/assessment day is required for any new dog that is over 1 year of age. As long as there are no problems during that trial day, dogs are welcome back to daycare at any time. All dogs over 1 year of age must be spayed/neutered. Dogs are required to have all vaccines, including their bordetella vaccine, and cannot be aggressive toward other dogs or people. Finally, dogs must be crate trained, as we use crates for eating as well as for our rest period. Using crates allows all dogs their own personal space to relax and decompress. We will provide blankets to help everyone be as comfy and cozy as possible.
We have an emergency plan in place and this is explained to all new clients on their dog’s first day and is printed out and hung up in our facility by our medicine cabinet.
We offer individualized care, as well as group play. We know that all dogs are different and we take the time to get to know your dog so we know what is best for them. We take great pride in knowing your dog like we know our own dogs.
The safety of the dogs in our care is our number one priority. We make sure that all new introductions are done slowly and with dogs that we know the best. We take all the time necessary to make sure dogs are comfortable and are in the best playgroup for them.
If you are looking to become a new client with us, then you do need a reservation for the trial/assessment day. If you are an existing client with us and are in on a regular basis, you do not need a reservation.
You can call us at 570-829-8142 and we will be glad to set up everything for you.
If you cancel your reservation, there is no cancellation fee. If you are a no-call/no-show for a boarding reservation and are an existing client, you will need to pay the cost of the boarding that you did not cancel or show up for before you can book another reservation. If you are a new client and are a no-call/no-show for a daycare trial or boarding reservation, you will not be accepted for any future appointments.
We do not offer a live webcam feed. We do have camera surveillance throughout the building, however, this is for the security and safety of the dogs, staff, and the entire building.
Our hours for daycare and boarding are 7-11 am and 3-6 pm. Pick-up starts at 8 am. Sunday and holiday hours are 8-10 and 4-6.
We play in small groups for daycare, no more than 4 dogs per group. We alternate our playgroups throughout the day. We do NOT do 1 large playgroup with all dogs.
Yes, dogs are supervised at all times. The only time no one is with them is overnight.

Grooming FAQS

You want to start grooming as young as possible but your puppy does need all of its shots first!
On average, approximately 2 hours. However, not all dogs will be done within this time. Size, coat, undercoat, and temperament are all factors in the amount of time that is needed.
We do use a handheld dryer, however, some dogs do not like that and it can be stressful for them. In that situation, we would use a crate dryer to speed up the drying process and eliminate excessive time with the handheld dryer. Once your dog’s groom is finished, they will be placed in a comfortable-sized crate until you pick them up.
As previously mentioned, we do use a handheld dryer. This allows for a much faster dry time and they do not need to be in a crate dryer. However, there are times when the crate dryer is needed and is used.This all depends on your dog and how they tolerate the hand dryer. We want them to have a positive experience that is as stress-free as possible.
We will call you as soon as your dog is ready, but your dog can wait with us until our grooming area closes for the day (5 pm).
We ask that for the safety of all dogs, the family does not wait in our lobby. We are a daycare and boarding facility as well so we have a lot of dogs in and out of the building at all times.
Maintaining a regular grooming schedule is best. This should be approximately every 4-8 weeks. This keeps their nails at a safe length, keeps their coat in the best-maintained condition, and helps with their overall health and well-being.
Nails should be done at least every 4-6 weeks, some dogs do require this more often. We ask that you schedule an appointment to make sure that someone from our grooming team is available.
We can groom your senior dog, as long as they are in overall good health.
We accept Visa, MC, cash or check.
Grooming is available Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat from 9-5.
We can groom to breed standard but we do not style/groom show cuts.
We always want our clients to check over their dogs before leaving. If there is anything you are unhappy with we will be glad to adjust it before you leave or do it differently the next time if we can’t make an immediate adjustment.
Yes, please schedule ahead. Depending on the time of year, we sometimes have immediate availability and at other times, we are booked out for a few weeks.
If your pet gets groomed regularly, you don’t need to do anything. If you have a new rescue dog or a new puppy, touch their feet, their nails, their ears, their belly, etc. All of these things will help desensitize those areas and make their first grooming experience much better for them if they are used to having someone touch those areas.

Pet Boarding FAQS

Yes, we ask that everyone brings their own food. There are many food allergies and sensitive stomachs so we don’t offer one generalized food for all dogs.
We administer all medication EXCEPT for insulin. Please bring all/any necessary meds. All medication needs to be labeled so we know what we are administering. If your dog can take the meds in peanut butter, we provide that. If they use anything else (cheese, pill pockets, lunch meat) please provide that and we will be sure they get it.
We require rabies, DHLPP, and bordetella vaccines. Vaccines cannot be given within 2 weeks of coming into our facility for any service.
We provide lots of blankets and plenty of toys so your pup will have everything they need for a great stay!
Yes, reservations are required for boarding at any time of year and for any length of stay.
We are open on all holidays. We offer pick up and drop off between 8-10 and 4-6 on those days. We also have a full staff on board those days to assure your pups are getting the best care.

Drop off times are 7-11 am or 3-6 pm Mon thru Sat.
Sun and holidays are 8-10 or 4-6.
Pick up times are 8-11 or 3-6 Mon thru Sat.
Sun and holidays are 8-10 or 4-6.

We offer dog, cat, and small animal boarding (birds, turtles, hamsters, etc).
All animals must have all necessary vaccines and are then eligible for boarding. This is typically around 4-5 months of age.
All dogs must be spayed or neutered once they are 1 year of age. Females in heat are not able to board.
Our boarding dogs have the same schedule and get to enjoy the same activities as our daycare dogs. We have morning playtime from after breakfast until approximately noon. We then have afternoon/evening playtime. We offer enrichment activities, one on one playtime with our staff. Socialized dogs may be able to engage in group play with other boarders or daycare dogs.
Dogs from the same family will be allowed to share the same outside play area but this is not necessary if the dogs are better being separated. Inside they will sleep side by side or facing each other.
We do not take dogs for walks as we have our daily play groups, playtime, and exercise time.
Yes, all new dogs over 1 year of age are required to do an assessment day before boarding. This is done by a full day of daycare with us. We also highly recommend this for any dog that is under a year of age as well. This day allows us to make sure we don’t see any aggression that would prevent your dog from staying with us. It also allows us to see your dog’s temperament and personality. This also, and most importantly, allows your dog the chance to come into a new place that they don’t know and get comfortable with where they are and spend some time with our staff so they can be more comfortable and relaxed during their stay with us!
This is a great question and one of utmost concern. If we see anything that is concerning, vomiting or diarrhea several times, or acting lethargic, we would immediately contact you and let you know what is going on. If we, or you, feel a vet visit is necessary, we would take them to the vet if you do not have anyone that can do that for you or if you yourself cannot get back to do this. If there is a more serious situation that clearly needs immediate vet care, we would try to contact you but we do not wait on making contact to get your pet the care it needs. We would transport to the closest vet or closest ER depending on the situation and would continue to try and reach you or an emergency contact person.
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