We also accept all breeds of dogs for boarding. If your dog is greater than 1 year of age, we do require a trial day PRIOR to boarding. This day would need to be scheduled ahead of time. Dogs that are here for boarding also get to spend the majority of their day playing and socializing. We require boarding dogs to be up to date on all of their vaccines as well (rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella). All dogs get assigned their own crate for sleeping in overnight. This gives them their own den-like space to rest and feel safe. We provide soft and comfortable blankets as well so that your pup will have the comforts of home. You will not need to send any toys, blankets, beds, or bowls for your dog’s vacation, we provide everything they will need to have a great stay with us. However, you will need to send your dog’s own food. We have a refrigerator on site so if you need to send anything extra that requires refrigeration, we can gladly accommodate that.

We are a public boarding facility for dogs, cats, and other small animals. Any cats or other small animals stay in our loft area away from the dogs where it is quieter and more relaxing for them to enjoy their stay. Small animal/cat boarding is $25 per night. Dog boarding is $33-$42 per night, the price is determined by the size of the dog. The dogs boarding with us enjoy the same setup as our daycare dogs do. Each dog has their own individual play area outside as well as a crate inside for sleeping/eating. Some dogs will be paired up for group play while others that are not suited for this, will be entertained and cared for by our amazing staff. We get to know your dog and see what they enjoy. Maybe they like to play catch or are great “tug” players, or maybe they prefer snuggling in your lap. We treat every dog as the individual that they are.

We provide all toys, blankets, bowls, and buckets for dogs that are boarding with us. The families only need to send food for the length of their stay. We also administer any/all necessary medications. We assure you that any dog with a special or restricted diet will get the necessary food/supplements as directed. This is something that is included in the boarding cost and is not something that is an additional fee.

Our facility is monitored by security cameras to ensure peace of mind and the highest quality of care. We welcome tours at any time as long as the dogs are not eating. (We don’t want to stress them by walking people through the building at those times). Tours do not need to be scheduled!

Boarding​ Requirements

Never worry​ while you're away

Boarding and Daycare​ Pricing

Crate Size Daycare Rate Daily Monthly (20 week days) Boarding
SM (100-300) $26 $19/$380 $33
MED (400) $29 $22/$440 $37
LG (500) $31 $24/$480 $40
XL (700) $33 $26/$520 $42

Monthly clients cannot carry over or receive credit for unused days. You are only charged 20 week days per month (M-F), you will receive an additional 2-3 days each month. The cost of daycare will be deducted from boarding, Sat/Sun full board rate applies.

Hours for Daycare

Mon-Sat: 7AM – 6PM

Sun/Holiday: 8AM – 10PM | 4PM – 6PM

Hours for Boarding

Mon-Sat: 7AM – 11AM | 3PM – 6PM

Sun/Holiday: 8AM – 10PM | 4PM – 6PM

*Rates are based on a 24 hour period (AM-AM/PM-PM) If over the AM pickup time a daycare fee will be added to bill unless they are being groomed

We do not charge additional fees for medication administering, special diets, or special attention. We strongly believe EVERY dog is to be given VIP treatment. Pets are assigned crates based on size and we provide all blankets, toys, and bowls. Each dog will have an outside play run that is protected from the elements and is monitored by security cameras.

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