About Us

K9 Korner Inc is a privately owned and operated facility. We have been open since 1995 and under current ownership since 2017. We are located at 734 Wilkes-Barre Township Boulevard, Wilkes-Barre PA 18702. We pride ourselves in taking care of and knowing your fur kids as we know and love our own.

We offer daycare, boarding, and grooming services. We give VIP treatment to every animal in our care, at all times. We offer group play as well as individual play and one on one time with our staff. We have several enrichment activities that will enhance your pup’s experience while being with us. We also administer medication if needed. All of these services are provided at no additional cost to you.

What makes ​ us different…

K-9 Korner Inc. is a totally different daycare setup than most other facilities. We do not offer group play of 20 or more dogs. We play in much smaller groups of 2-4 dogs at a time and alternate our play groups as the day goes on. This ensures a much safer environment to play and socialize.

We also offer one-on-one play time with our staff at no additional cost. We take the time to interact with the pups, we know what their favorite game is or what their favorite toys are. We take great pride in being different, we know and love your dog like we know and love our own. We are an extension of your family.
We do not allow any collars (of any kind) to be worn during playtime. We carefully remove everyone’s leash and collar upon arrival and put it in their cubby for the day until their family arrives for pick up, at which time their leashes and collars will be put back on them so they can be handed over to their owners. This allows a much safer way to play.

Our play area is primarily outside. This means fresh air for the pups all day. Now, this also means that in the summer and winer months we must take more breaks inside to keep them safe, but we don’t mind one bit. We make sure that all dogs are getting the daily exercise and activity that is needed.

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